Saffron Terror : Why was this term coined ?

Its evident that intellectual terrorist think tank coined the term saffron terror. It has been used frequently by paid media and politicians, specially by the Congress party leaders. We will come to why in sometime. But the rage that erupted against recent fake rape case, due to media hints towards a bigger danger in front of us.

After publishing article on why kathua rape case was yet another attempt to malign and divide hindu votes of ruling Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP), we received multiple responses that the photos of Istanbul Airport were fake and photoshopped. We welcome views of each reader, but after thorough discussion we have decided not to remove them from the article. We can not ignore the speed at which these images along with the paintings demeaning the trident and hindu gods, sprouted on the social media. The media was abuzz in hours, with celebrities holding placards of being ashamed to candle light photo ops. By mocking sensitive Beti Bachao campaign, they aren’t just targeting BJP, they are defaming India on global stage. Gone were the days when ruling party and opposition would stand together, when it comes to nation’s pride.

While every religion has its own practices and rituals, we believe one should never challenge anyone’s belief. Not even that of an athiest. The hindu rituals like pouring milk on shivaling and festivals like holi, deepawali and janamasthami are being targeted by missionary media, who chooses to ignore similar wastages and brutal atrocities towards animals in other religions. The freedom of speech is being misused. The law against fake news was not implementable in its state, and that is why BJP leadership pulled it back. We hope to see it in effect soon, to control the menace of media in India.

BTW not many religions would allow such jokes, leave aside derogatory comments about their beliefs. Its punishable under blasphemy (ish ninda) in almost all countries. The hindu tolerance is being tested when a reporter claims to feel threatened by saffron stickers of hanuman behind cars. Or when paid pro-reservation protesters spit at and burn images of gods. Ever wondered why its done ? The answer is simple, because hindus let them. Hinduism is a global symbol of peace and tolerance, and this unity is their real target.

Coming back to Saffron Terror, though its not a new term but it’s being used by liberals very often these days. Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Bajrang Dal, Hindu Yuva Vahini and many other right wing groups existed earlier, but are growing in strength under the BJP rule. The recent get together of 3 lakh people (shakti ankalan) of RSS in Meerut shows just a tip of their prowess. These groups serve as the backbone of BJP’s political existence, and the reason of unpresedented success in 2014 elections. Defamation of these saffron wings, helps the opposition to team up against Narendra Modi’s popularity.

Social media is flooded by liberals, fake seculars and intellectual icons paid to spread rumors, fake images and make divisive comments. While newspapers, TV channels and magazines may be controlled by missionary mafis, the social media still remains open for everyone. We call all nationalist forces to not only remain united but be engaged, as such incidents to divide sects within hindus and malign their ideologies is not going to cease anytime soon. Not until 2019 elections, for sure.