#JusticeForAsifa – An attempt to malign and divide hindus

I keep distance from those who spread #IntellectualTerrorism only when hindu beliefs, godmen and temples are involved. But somehow this time many new folks joined sponsored signboard and biased NGO (change.org) gang. Don’t blame yourselves as you were just strategically blinded. There is no revolution forecast here, no awakening. 
Get ready for crime branch report that culprit was writing exam in UP and wasn’t in Kashmir. And there is no cellar under the said temple. While your thoughts were honest for Asifa, the celebs who held #JusticeForAsifa placards are seen partying the next day. That juvenile is roaming freely after being awarded a sewing machine for what he did to Nirbhaya. Wolves have tasted blood and will attempt to create communal rifts, even if it defames India at global stage
Conclusion : After muslims and dalits, this time women are targeted and then shown being harassed to create hatred. Go back to sleep, politicians or paid media will let you know when next to wake up. India is going through a tolerance test of communal harmony,  but still remains one of the best countries to live in. 
#StayUnited #SpeakUp #JusticeForAsifaAndOthers